Photomontage of sketches relating to The Nightingale Club on Thorp Street, Birmingham.

Queer Space Archive (QSA) is a social and cultural initiative that collects and shares histories relating to sites including clubs, bars, and community centres. We are committed to providing an accessible, inclusive, and intersectional presence through exhibitions, events, and online resources.

Stigmas associated with queerness leave many spaces unphotographed and undocumented. Using interviews and workshops, QSA works with communities to replace absent records through sketching, mapping, and conversation, while positioning personal and collective narratives within historical significance.

Queer spaces across the UK continue to experience threats of closure due to redevelopment, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Birmingham – where QSA is based – a quarter of LGBTQ+ venues have closed since 2019, and in London, sixty per cent since 2011. QSA works collaboratively to complete archival gaps, while reflecting the resilience of queer groups to shift, adapt, and reconstruct important spaces.

QSA remains conscious of past and present cultures of exclusion, and we aim to provide a space where such experiences, and the important role of womxn, trans people, and people of colour, can be platformed.

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